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Victory on wheels

Our military on the front lines regularly need cars. Thousands of cars!
HEROCAR aims to collect $6.5 million as soon as possible for the purchase of 1,000 cars, including powerful all-wheel drive Ford, SsangYong pickups, buses and other cars that are so necessary for Ukrainian heroes.

A car at the front is needed not only for the operational movement of the military between positions and points of permanent deployment. This is a "battle brother"!
The air defense forces need cars to protect our skies day and night from the "Shaheds".
Cars are needed for transporting ammunition, establishing communication, and delivering everything needed by soldiers for daily use.
Cars are needed by medics to bring medicines, tactical medicine devices and timely evacuate the wounded.
For defense and protection. For assault and offensive. To save life. For Victory of Ukraine.
Join the collection for a thousand cars for the Armed Forces. Let's put VICTORY ON WHEELS together!

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