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Drones are not the only ones: the military at the front are also in dire need of cars

Publication date: 23.02.2024

On the eve of the second anniversary of the Great War, in anticipation of another wave of war crimes by the occupiers, Ukrainian volunteers are focusing most of their resources on rescue drones. However, we must not forget that the military in the hottest areas of the front now need powerful combat vehicles no less: for mobile fire group raids and reconnaissance, cargo delivery and evacuation of the wounded, as well as for the protection of the sky in the rear. Such machines at the front are expendable, because they are both damaged and "died" in war conditions, helping our defenders in their tasks, and often saving their lives.

"HeroCar has been continuously providing the Armed Forces with wheeled transport for the second year. 340 powerful pickup trucks, which we transferred to different directions of the front, are effectively serving the defenders, bringing our Victory closer!",

- shared Artem Skrypka, project manager.

Initially, HeroSar specialized in supplying the military with Ford F250 and F350 SUVs, due to their high cross-country ability, speed and power. But nowadays it is almost impossible to get parts for these cars in Ukraine, and ordering them from abroad is long and expensive. Therefore, the project specialists found an excellent alternative - Korean two-liter diesel pickups SsangYong Actyon Sports, which are no less functional, durable and much more affordable to repair.

"To date, we have a contract with a Korean supplier of used cars, 82 cars have been delivered to it. And so far no engine repair has been needed,"

- commented Maksym Perlovskyi, a service specialist of the "HeroCar" project.
Despite the logistical difficulties caused by the blocking of the border, the project specialists do not stop contracting new cars for defenders, purchasing them with the funds of responsible businesses and donations from Ukrainians.

"Our plan for 2024 is 1,000 cars: buy, bring, hand over to the military,"

- concluded Artem Skrypka.

In addition to used ones, "HeroyCar" plans to purchase new pickups for the front. Currently, the project has favorable offers from Korean partner companies. All that is needed is a financial resource and the support of compatriots.
So, join the collection of combat vehicles from "Herocar" using the link you see below.

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