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About the fund

AUTO transferred Armed Forces

The HEROCAR charity project was created to bring Victory of Ukraine closer by providing the Armed Forces with reliable and durable road transport, the need for which is growing every day. As part of the project, a single national platform has been created for accepting applications, fixing air transport needs, collecting funds and providing service for war-oriented transport.
Car on the front line fights and saves. Vehicles are needed for raids of mobile groups and reconnaissance, delivery of goods and evacuation of the wounded. In off-road conditions and constant shelling, the service life of front-line vehicles is short. A lot of cars are needed! And they are needed quickly!
HEROCAR, in agreement with the command of the Armed Forces, decided to buy off-road vehicles with mileage and adapt them for the needs of the front. These are Ford F250 and Ford F350 four-wheel drive pickup trucks that ship from the US and Europe.
How we help:

  • we organize the purchase and delivery of cars to Ukraine;
  • we carry out car diagnostics and maintenance;
  • we transfer pickup trucks to military units;
  • we repair or provide spare parts.
What are we collecting for?
Victory on wheels!
Victory on wheels!

Collection for 1000 cars for the Armed Forces, the goal is $6 mln.
Let's put VICTORY ON WHEELS together!

Donation platform
Donation platform

The Unified National Platform for fundraising for cars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Transferred cars
Gathering for 3 tractors and 4 pickups

For Army Aviation brigades - crews and evacuation groups

Collected 58378 $
Gathering for "Strilets"

Fire support company of the 8th separate mountain assault battalion, Bakhmut

Collected 9732 $
Gathering for car repair

Fundraising for car repairs for the 4th mechanized battalion of the Presidential Brigade!

Collected 676 $
Gathering "For 5 cars for air defense"

540th anti-aircraft missile regiment

Collected 45946 $
Our hero partners
lube avto
Cars that help the Armed Forces
Ford F250/ F350

Ford F-250/ F-350 - giant pickup trucks.

The model has been on the road since 2004. There is a known case in the USA when a F250 went 1.5 million km without overhaul and never broke down. 
In the USA, F-350 is a car who need to regularly tow trailers, trailers or workshops on wheels. Therefore, it will become a reliable assistant to our heroes on the front lines in the performance of various tasks - from transportation to the defense of Ukraine.

  • all-wheel drive
  • turbo diesel engine at least 325 HP
  • payload capacity up to 1450/ 2000 kg
  • roomy body
  • reliable chassis
  • powerful suspension
  • simplicity of construction and ease of repair
SsangYong Actyon Sports

This pickup truck is a standard of simplicity and reliability.
The model has been on the road since 2006. The car is present on the markets of Asia and Europe. A very durable and comfortable car for the rapid movement of personnel, ammunition and the wounded.
It is a direct competitor of the Mitsubishi L200 car.

It is possible to install both a turret for a large-caliber machine gun and a light mortar on it.

  • all-wheel drive
  • 2.0 liter diesel engine with a capacity of 149 hp.
  • roomy body with a frame
  • load capacity up to 700 kg
  • reliable chassis
  • simplicity of design and ease of repair
  • double five-seater cabin
Answers to questions
Who does the HEROCAR fund help?

We purchase and transfer cars only for the military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine based on their prior requests. 

Where are cars used?

On the front line. Cars need almost all parts, but due to limited availability, we cover the most urgent needs.

Why only cars?

Cars are one of the most necessary components at the front. Since the project partners are Motormart, which has 30 years of experience in the car market, we can find the most optimal solution for the purchase and delivery of cars to the front.

What cars does HEROCAR purchase?

We currently purchase 2 models of cargo pickups: Ford F-250 and F-350. And also the SsangYong Actyon Sports pickup truck.
Cars are selected in accordance with the needs of the front, high requirements for technical characteristics, reliability and suitability for quick repair.

Can I apply for a car for a specific military unit?

Yes, you can apply by filling out the form and attaching all the necessary documents. Please read the collection rules before submitting.
Collection rules


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