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Gathering for "Strilets"

Gathering for


The fire support company of the 8th separate mountain assault battalion needs a large and powerful pickup truck.

Soldiers fighting at Bakhmut are asking for the FORD F-450, a pick-up truck that can carry three tons of ammunition, equipment, and weapons as much as a small truck.

FORD F-450 is one of the three models of SUVs that the HEROCAR project delivers to the front. The "roads" in the Bakhmut area are such that only a four-wheel drive and very powerful SUV can overcome them, and the more you can put in the cargo compartment, the more generously you will be able to "fill in" the drivers. The HEROCAR team undertakes to deliver the necessary car to the soldiers of the 8th separate mountain assault battalion of the 10th separate mountain assault brigade "Edelweiss". It remains to raise funds.


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