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Gathering of Olena Topolya for 24 pickups

Gathering of Olena Topolya for 24 pickups

Soldiers of the 130th battalion of ground defense need powerful and reliable vehicles.
Singer Olena Topolya (Alyosha) became the ambassador of this gathering: "All the guys are fighting for the beautiful holiday that we are so looking forward to! Don't pass by. I am asking you to react quickly so that we can quickly provide cars that will bring our victory closer."

It will be possible to tell about the achievements of the military only after the war, but it is known for sure that the fighters of the 130th battalion know the taste of victory. It was this unit that in the fall of 2022, during the liberation of Kharkiv Oblast, reached the state border and raised the Ukrainian flag over the village of Hoptivka. The heroes of the 130th battalion are ready to liberate other Ukrainian lands and drive the occupiers to the border again. For combat missions, they need powerful and reliable pickups.


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