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Rules of the donation

The process takes place in several stages:

1. Application submission
Any person can submit an application for collection on a car, but with signed documents from the head (commander) of the military unit. Necessary documents and informations:

  • Filling out the form on the website https://carforhero.com/uk/application;
  • A scanned copy (or a clear photo) of the completed application (reference form), duly completed, containing the signature and seal of the head (commander) of the military unit, contact data;
  • The photo that we will post on the collection page is the one that will be associated with this application (maybe a photo of a destroyed car that is being replaced, a photo of soldiers who need this car (faces will be hidden);
  • The name of the car we are assembling is of the "Lightning" type. If not, we will come up with it ourselves.
  • Text about the car, for which we are collecting. What is the car needed for, what will it do, a couple of phrases about the vehicle. The text is entered into the form on the website.

2. Verification of the application
CF "Ruslan Shostak" checks the application: it is filled in properly, the truthfulness of the information. In case of misunderstanding, we will contact the applicant to clarify the details.

3. Publication of the collection on the platform
After verification of the application, we publish the fee on the platform within 10-30 days after verification. A separate shareable page is created. A separate payment office for clear tracking of donations (charitable donations). Publication on the media resources of the project.

4. Terms of collection
The deadline for collecting donations (charitable donations) for 1 application is 30 calendar days. The fee extension period is an additional 60 calendar days.

If the application collects less than 10% of the funds in the first 30 days, the application is removed from the platform, the funds go to the general fund of the project.
If after 60 days the application has collected less than 30% of the funds, the application is removed from the platform, the funds go to the general fund of the project.
If the application collects less than 80% of funds within 90 days, the application is removed from the platform, the funds go to the general fund of the project. If there is 80% of the required amount in 90 days, the collection is closed and "CF Ruslan Shostak" buys a car for the military.

5. Dissemination of information about the collection
The team of the HEROCAR project platform uses all possible promotional tools to help each specific application raise funds for a car.

6. Terms of transfer of the finished car
The finished car is handed over to the representative of the company no later than 4 weeks after the closing of the collection, provided that the documents from the company have arrived on time.

7. Necessary documents for obtaining a car
The contract between the military and the CF "Ruslan Shostak", a letter from the military to the CF "Ruslan Shostak", act of acceptance and transfer. Samples of documents are provided by  "CF Ruslan Shostak" after the collection is completed. To receive a car, originals signed on both sides with a seal are required. Examples of documents can be viewed here.

Remaining funds from applications that did not collect enough donations (charitable donations) for the car.
The balance of the funds is transferred to the fund's general account and is used for the purchase of cars under other applications or programs of the Ruslan Shostak CF. All your donations go to cars for the Armed Forces!

The donor (donor) when making a donation (money transfer) agrees to the Rules of the donation platform within the framework of the "HEROCAR" charity program of the CF "Ruslan Shostak" (hereinafter - the Rules) and gives his irrevocable consent to the use of the donation not only for the purchase of a specific car , but in the cases stipulated by the Rules for crediting a donation to the general fund of the "HEROCAR" charity program of the "Ruslan Shostak" CF.

The site will indicate where (to which applications) the remaining funds were transferred.

CF "Ruslan Shostak" does not have its own funds, it buys cars only with donation funds (charitable donations). Cars are purchased at auctions in the USA and Europe, in "used" condition. The car was manufactured in 2010-2015.

The "HEROCAR" charity program is one of the charity programs organized and implemented by the "Ruslan Shostak Charity Foundation".

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