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Gathering for "Tachanka"

Gathering for

Soldiers of the 33rd separate engineering battalion need a pickup truck with increased cross-country ability. Engineering units of the Armed Forces under constant enemy fire, they manage to build - erect defensive fortifications and restrain the onslaught of the enemy, who is trying to capture the positions of the Armed Forces. Heavy work requires reliable high-speed transport - to bring materials, tools, special equipment and personnel.

Soldiers of the 33rd separate engineering battalion work on the front line in conditions of absolute roadlessness. They need a powerful four-wheel drive pickup. This collection must be closed quickly, because the Armed Forces of Ukraine are moving from defense to offensive. The engineering troops should go forward, establish pontoon crossings, open the way for assault units, bring the liberation of the native land closer, in order to build a wall on the border with the rashist region as soon as possible.


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