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Gathering for "Latifundist 2"

Gathering for

The team of AgroExpeditors with the support of BASF and the international bank Credit Agricole Latifundist.com went not only to inspect Ukrainian fields. Together with the Ruslan Shostak Foundation, we are opening a fundraiser for a pickup truck for Kyril Bondarenko.

Many of you know him as the commercial director of the OLAM Belotserk elevator. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, he has served as a company commander of a separate special unit of the National Guard of Ukraine and helps destroy enemy armored vehicles driving across Ukrainian fields.

Our goal: to collect ;10,000 for a Ford 350 pickup truck for Kirill Bondarenko's unit. The pickup will provide mobility, passability in hard-to-reach places and transportation of special cargo.

With two crews, we will visit farmers from most regions — from Chernihiv Oblast to Odesa Oblast and from Dnipropetrovsk Oblast to Lviv Oblast.

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