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Gathering for "Babai"

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Sappers need a reliable off-road pickup truck.

Soldiers of the sapper platoon of the 231st battalion of the famous Terrorist Defense Brigade have been defending Ukraine from the enemy in the Donetsk direction for more than a year.
Without their work, a counteroffensive is impossible, because the rashists built powerful fortifications and sowed the Ukrainian land with mines. Sappers demine the area, create safe corridors and lay routes for a future counteroffensive. They work "at zero" so that their brothers and sisters return home alive.
Soldiers of the 231st battalion destroyed and knocked out more than one unit of heavy armored vehicles. And the Terrorist Defense Brigade was recognized by the President of Ukraine for its resilience and repelling enemy assaults in the Donetsk direction.

A reliable off-road vehicle is required for the successful execution of combat missions by a platoon of sappers of the Terrorist Defense Brigade. Join the gathering on the HEROCAR platform. Make your contribution to the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces and the liberation of Ukraine!


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