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Gathering for "5 Combat Molfars"

Gathering for

Friends! Thanks to your donations, the FIRST car was transferred! But FOUR more are needed.
Thank you everyone for your support! We don't stop, we continue to collect for VICTORY!

Fighters of the 128th brigade destroy the occupiers in the Zaporozhye direction. It was to them that Zaluzhny thanked for the liberation of Pyatikhatok. These warriors beat the rashists both from the ground and from the sky. There are real Carpathian molfars in the brigade, who know how to "minus" the russian "Grad" and make the Ukrainian sky clean, skillfully aim from a height at tanks and guns, command posts and warehouses of BC. It is the air reconnaissance fighters who need pickup trucks. Because only memories remained of the roads in the East.


High-terrain vehicles will help fighters to bring their "planes" closer to the front line, to scout the coordinates of the enemy's aircraft for the effective operation of artillery, and even to send tickets to Kobzon's concert to the enemy themselves!

Pickup trucks for the 128th brigade will go to the front line loaded with vegetables and berries. Serhiy Marchenko, a well-known blogger and agro-volunteer, undertook this special cargo. He became the ambassador of the collection of 5 pickups for the 128th brigade. Serhii Marchenko promises to drive the cars to the soldiers himself and also to load them with the new crop.

Why is this collection important and why should you join?

  1. HEROCAR goes to the victorious 128 brigade, famous for its combat traditions. The air reconnaissance unit, for which the pickups are designed, plays a key role on the battlefield. Therefore, each of your invested hryvnias will be multiplied by zero Russian rubles as effectively as possible.
  2. HEROCAR is the same type of machine that is easy to operate, because they are the same, not a "zoo". It takes a lot of headache out of operation.
  3. The base model of the Ford F-350 project has a long wheelbase and a carrying capacity of more than 2 tons. This gives a good safety margin and allows you to use the HEROCAR for any combat tasks. Also, the project models are complemented by SsangYong Action Sports pickups - it is a standard of simplicity and reliability. A very durable and comfortable car for the rapid movement of personnel, ammunition and the wounded. Usually, the choice of a pickup model is made taking into account the needs of the military, based on their needs..
  4. Pickups are not delivered just like that, but with full service. The RUSH Foundation purchased spare parts, organized a warehouse and quick delivery of spare parts to the front. If the damage is serious, PUSH Foundation specialists evacuate the car, repair it at its own repair base and return it in full working order.
  5. All cars have been fully serviced and are in perfect technical condition. Even the rubber is new, which is extremely important for operational reliability.
  6. All transactions with funds are as transparent as possible. The collection is opened at the official bank of the Fund. The machines will be officially transferred to the 128th brigade and placed on the balance sheet of the military unit on the basis of acts of acceptance of the transfer.
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