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Mortars urgently need a pickup truck.
Soldiers of the first mortar battery of the 3rd mechanized battalion of the 116th brigade need a powerful and reliable car with increased cross-country ability. The work of mortarmen is hot and very dangerous, but there is no way without them on the front line, because they are good at "pouring in" mortars and stopping attempts to break through, as well as supporting assault units with fire.

A pickup truck is needed to transport ammunition to positions, rotate servicemen, and, if necessary, evacuate the wounded. The 116th brigade fights in the hottest points of the front, stops the attacks of the rashists and zealously thins the ranks of the invaders.
Work is stressful. That's why cars can't withstand the load for a long time. The motor vehicles available to the mortars work at the limit of their capabilities and require major repairs. Therefore, a replacement pickup is needed.

You can't go on foot in a counterattack! And Ukraine must be freed!


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