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"Combat molfars" and special cargo for HEROCAR

Publication date: 28.06.2023

The well-known blogger and volunteer Serhiy Marchenko became the ambassador of the HEROCAR project. He takes care of the collection of "Combat Molfars" - these are 5 pick-ups for aerial reconnaissance of the 128th separate mountain-assault Transcarpathian brigade. Volotner promises to drive the cars to the fighters himself and also to load them with new crop vegetables, which he grows on his own plot in the Poltava region.

You can support the collection here

Why is this collection important?

  1. 5 HEROCAR pickups will go to the 128th brigade, famous for its combat traditions. It was this brigade that Commander-in-Chief Varerii Zaluzhnyi thanked for the liberation of Pyatikhatok. The air reconnaissance unit, for which the pickups are designed, plays a key role on the battlefield. Therefore, every hryvnia you invest will destroy russia as efficiently as possible.
  2. HEROCAR is the same type of machine, reliable, powerful and easy to operate.
  3. The basic models of the HEROCAR project Ford F-250 and Ford F-350 have a long base and a carrying capacity of more than 2 tons. This gives a margin of strength and allows you to use pickups for any combat tasks.
  4. Pickups come with full service. The HEROCAR project purchased spare parts, organized a warehouse and quick delivery of spare parts to the front. In case of serious damage, specialists of the HEROCAR project evacuate the car, repair it at their own repair base and return it fully functional.
  5. All cars have been fully serviced and are in perfect technical condition.
  6. All transactions with funds are as transparent as possible. The collection is conducted on the single national platform HEROCAR. The machines will be officially transferred to the 128th brigade and placed on the balance sheet of the military unit on the basis of acts of acceptance and transfer.

Serhii Marchenko, a well-known recruiter and blogger in Ukraine, retrained as an agricultural volunteer with the beginning of a full-scale invasion and brings to the front line vegetables grown by himself of the highest quality. Serhii set himself the goal of feeding the defenders of Ukraine with really tasty vegetables, as they say - "as if from the grandmother's garden". Agroblogger is convinced that our soldiers deserve the best and tastiest. Last year during the season, Marchenko sent more than 2 tons of carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and even sweet potatoes to the military.

In 2023, Serhii Marchenko decided to continue his agro-volunteer mission and became an ambassador of the HEROCAR project. The blogger calls for donations for pickup trucks for the 128th separate mountain assault brigade of the Transcarpathian region. The soldiers of the air reconnaissance unit need 5 all-wheel drive SUVs - reliable, unpretentious and really powerful, exactly the kind that the HEROCAR project supplies to the front line. The cars have already received the collective call sign "Combat Molfars", because according to information from reliable sources, there are real Carpathian Molfars among the soldiers of the 128th brigade. They can target the enemy's "Grad", destroy tanks, artillery and BC warehouses of the occupiers with magical accuracy. It is extremely important that aerial scouts have transport and deliver their "birds" closer to the front line.

Already in the near future, agricultural volunteer Serhii Marchenko is ready to take his harvest of home-grown vegetables to the front line. And he has to drive on pickup trucks for the 128th brigade. So let's not delay! The collection must be closed quickly!

You can support the gathering with Serhiy Marchenko for the 128th brigade here: https://carforhero.com/en/gathering-5-combat-molfars


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