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SsangYong Actyon Sports is a newcomer to HEROCAR team

Publication date: 25.05.2023

In peacetime, motorists who chose SsangYong Actyon Sports were delighted with its futuristic appearance, as if drawn from superhero comics. Nowadays, this car is used by real Ukrainian heroes - scouts, stormtroopers, special forces. It is at their request that HEROCAR delivers SsangYong Actyon Sports to the Armed Forces. The "fierce muzzle" is just a nice bonus on top of the really important features of this pickup, which make it extremely useful for frontline units that need high mobility.

SsangYong Actyon Sports is an all-wheel drive five-seater pickup truck. The 2-liter diesel engine makes it both powerful enough to transport mobile fire teams, weapons and ammunition, and quite economical for a full-fledged SUV. Engine power – 141 hp. This allows you to easily take off even on slippery grass, sand or on hills, maneuver in difficult off-road conditions.

The frame structure of the body makes the car as safe as possible for passengers and the driver, - automobile experts note. And here we put a big "smiley", because in the conditions of war - "safety" is a very uncertain concept. However, the reinforced suspension, anti-gravel coating of the bottom, anti-shock amplifiers in the doors will definitely not be superfluous in combat conditions.

SsangYong Actyon Sports is an SUV that has been in operation in Asia and Europe for 10 years. The model is time-tested, has shown its reliability and suitability for repair. That is why HEROCAR added SsangYong Actyon Sports to the list of cars it supplies to the Armed Forces.


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