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"Latifundist" against russian tanks

Publication date: 06.06.2023

Kyrylo Bondarenko, a resident of Donetsk, experienced what war is back in 2014. And then I realized that the Russians will not limit themselves to Crimea and Donbas - a big war is inevitable. On February 24, 2022, Bondarenko joined the army as a private rifleman, and within six months he became a commander.

"When the enemy was near Kyiv, we defended the capital. After Kyiv, we went to carry out tasks in Kharkiv region, Donetsk region. That is, it was and is in an active phase all the time. He had a relatively minor injury. But it was this that led to the idea that it is necessary to change the infantry to another direction, where I can be more useful - to organize people, set tasks, monitor their execution, provide the unit with everything necessary.

It is no secret that the army lacks officers. And I graduated from the Donetsk University of Internal Affairs, so I had some experience. He headed a unit with 30, and then with 50 people. He received the rank of junior sergeant, and already in the fall he became an officer. He was a platoon commander, then he was entrusted with the company. I am currently the commander of a special purpose company of the National Guard, which deals with the destruction of armored vehicles. We scout targets and destroy them."

Bondarenko does not say much about the details of the combat work of his unit - in order to get within range of a shot, one has to go along field roads, where not all SUVs manage to pass. The company received two Humvees. Good cars, but that's not enough.

"We need powerful machines that can carry cargo, primarily ammunition, and it weighs a lot. When you get stuck somewhere in the field, you are immediately exposed to a threat, you become a convenient target.

In general, the provision is normal, there is simply a need for vehicles. No matter how much you buy, a lot is destroyed. Plus, we spend a lot of money on repairs."

The HEROCAR project of the Ruslan Shostak Foundation launched a collection for a pickup truck for Kyril Bondarenko's unit. The flow of donations for the "Latifundist" car went quite quickly, there is not much left to collect, so you need to mobilize for the final push and help the fighters destroy enemy tanks and armored personnel carriers.

Kyrylo Bondarenko, the commander of the special purpose company of the NSU, admits that he prefers to think now about how to save the lives of his comrades and, in fact, how to carry out combat tasks. He does not build global plans, but business and managerial ideas are born by themselves. For example, about the "restaurant" hype in the front-line zone and the logistics of agribusiness and the involvement of farmers from the eastern regions in providing for the army.

"It seems to me that the canteens in the front-line cities have never earned as much money as they do now. There are queues for conventional burger joints, of which there are several per city. When you are pulled out of the front, give you two days to wash and shave, everyone wants to go to a front-line town to enjoy a quiet, peaceful life at least a little. Why not develop a program with processing, food industry in the east to help the peasants, businesses, and the army? We have some damn creative people who can do that.

The military-civilian administrations are not particularly interested in agrarians, their priority is the army and refugees. Although farmers from these regions can be involved. The army must be maintained, the soldiers must be fed. You can not bring products from Lviv region - give them the opportunity to grow and produce them here, in the east. And thus — to support people and save on logistics."

The front-line zone and occupied territories are mined fields, looted and destroyed farms. Kyrylo Bondarenko predicts that it will take years to restore the agricultural sector of Ukraine. The former commercial director of the elevator, and now an officer of the National Guard of Ukraine, made his choice - to defend his native land and the values he believes in with a weapon in his hands.

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