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HEROCAR together with "Women of Steel" handed over the car to the defenders of Bakhmut - the "Cold Ravine" brigade

Publication date: 06.04.2023

The public organization "Women of Steel" became an ambassador of the HEROCAR project for a reason. After all, the husbands, fathers, and brothers of these women are now defending Ukraine on the front lines, in particular as part of the 93rd mechanized brigade "Cold Ravine".



"Thanks to the active position of the representatives of "Women of Steel", we managed to close the application very quickly and purchase a car with the collected donations for the "Cold Ravine" brigade. HEROCAR provides a resource. And the support from the applicants is very important. There should be a promo from relatives, friends, colleagues. If you popularize your application, which is posted on the website, you yourself become its ambassador - then such positions are closed very quickly. Only in this way, by joint efforts, can we help our soldiers on the front lines. The HEROCAR platform allows you to carry out a full cycle of supplying the right car - from verifying the need for a military unit, placing an application and collecting funds, to carrying out operational maintenance. More and more famous people are joining our project, calling for donations for such important pickups for the Armed Forces, and involving both ordinary people and businessmen and entrepreneurs. Recently, the famous producer and film director Akhtem Seitablayev became the ambassador of the project. Collection of cars for the Armed Forces continues. And it is worth remembering that everyone can help our heroes."

- stressed Oleksandr Pugach, head of the HEROCAR project.

"Our loved ones have been destroying the enemy on the hottest areas of the front for a month now. The occupiers are constantly storming Ukrainian positions. We cannot stand by and just wait. That is why we joined the HEROCAR project and began active promotion of our application wherever possible. Our efforts were successful and the car has already been handed over to the soldiers. However, frontline vehicles are expendable, and unfortunately very expensive. Therefore, we will continue to support the HEROCAR project and call for donations for the purchase of high-terrain pickups for the Armed Forces."

- noted Sofiya Cherepanova, representative of the Public Organization "Women of Steel".

Currently, HEROCAR is collecting funds for four-wheel drive pickups for units fighting in Donbas and Kharkiv region. These are scouts, attack aircraft, fire support groups, weapons repair teams, and wounded evacuation teams. Also, on the HEROCAR platform, the collection of 120 pickups for the GUARDIANS OF THE SKY is ongoing.

Collection is ongoing. Donate here: https://carforhero.com/uk/donate


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