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HEROCAR handed over 23 more pickups for 11 units of the Armed Forces

Publication date: 25.08.2023

HeroCar received a request from the ground forces for the supply of 1,000 cars. It is necessary to collect 6.5 million dollars for 1,000 cars for the front line. And we call on everyone to join this important gathering, which will certainly bring the victory of Ukraine closer.

"For the military, mobility is extremely important. Scouts, attack aircraft, special purpose groups and "drone hunters" need powerful cars. The bodies of pickup trucks are so spacious and roomy that you can place Stingers, Javelins and Stugnas, or attach a machine gun, anti-aircraft or missile launcher, which will protect Ukrainians and the objects of critical infrastructure of Ukraine. This platform allows you to carry out a full cycle of supplying the right car - from verification of the need with the military, placing an application and collecting funds, to carrying out operational maintenance."

— said Oleksandr Pugach, head of the HEROCAR project.

The cars were handed over to the following brigades:

  • The 3rd brigade of operational assignment of NSU Spartan
  • 33 Separate engineering battalion of the DSHV
  • City of Dnipro City Council Brigade
  • 3 Separate Assault Brigade
  • 112th Separate Territorial Defense Brigade
  • 116 Brigade of the 3rd mechanized battalion
  • AZOV Assault Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine
  • Separate Territorial Defense Battalion AREY
  • Foreign Legion
  • A separate guard and service regiment of the headquarters of the Ground Forces of Ukraine
  • 128th Separate Mountain Assault Transcarpathian Brigade

In total, the Ruslan Shostak Charitable Fund purchased more than 270 cars for the military for the amount of 2.7 million dollars and built the infrastructure for the timely supply and maintenance of cars.


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