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Gathering for "Thunderbolt"

Gathering for

We, the servicemen of the air reconnaissance unit of the 23rd separate special purpose battalion under the presidential brigade named after Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, are appealing to you for help!

Now our battalion is in the hottest point of the front - the city of Bakhmut. Today, the battalion unit performs very important work on reconnaissance of enemy positions, detection of enemy assault attempts, constant video broadcasting of the overall picture of our entire sector, artillery adjustment and general reconnaissance with the help of drones and unmanned aerial systems. We are constantly self-improving and developing, taking training courses on new types of unmanned aerial systems, fpv drones and kamikaze drones, so every day we are more and more effective against the enemy horde.

Our unit needs a pickup truck to carry out combat missions. The car will be used to drive the group to positions and transport equipment for work!

The roads to the positions are extremely difficult and broken, sometimes you have to drive just through the fields and in any weather, so for the full and efficient performance of the tasks, we ask you to help us get a pickup truck for our unit!


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