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Gathering for "Thunder"

Gathering for

Soldiers of the 26th separate rifle battalion of the A4028 military unit, anti-tank guided missile platoon, are appealing. From December 2022 to this day, he has been carrying out combat orders related to the implementation of measures to ensure national security and defense, repel and deter the armed aggression of the russian federation in the Donetsk region near the village of ZOLOTA NIVA. At the moment

We need a car to install the "KORSAR" ATGM launcher and SG-9, which will ensure the mobility of anti-tank calculations. Such a mobile crew is able to move quickly, go out to support infantry during enemy assaults, engage enemy infantry, lightly armored vehicles, tanks, and low-flying air targets. Operational movement along the front line allows you to save the lives of fighters, effectively destroy the enemy and prevent him from breaking through our defense line, so that the day is approaching our Victory!!!

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