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Gathering for "Slavyanin"

Gathering for

We need a pickup for installation on the "Partyzan" platform, the BM-21 Grad system, from one to three shots. Our battalion started fighting for Ukraine even before the full-scale war. We as a mortar battery cover our infantry, hold back the enemy on Kremennaya for a long time, and are in great need of vehicles. Everything that is on the balance of the part is not effective. These are "Kraz", which are very large, and are easy targets for the enemy. All the cars we have in the subdivision are working at full capacity - there are no roads, 4 SUVs broke down in a week. It`s very difficult situation. Now we are working at full capacity, if you help us,  we will be more effective in our fight. After all, the lives of our infantry and important areas of the front depend on us!

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