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Gathering for "Fire of Victory 2"

Gathering for

We are a newly created unit, a company of strike unmanned aircraft systems of the 112th brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces, consisting of conscripted professionals - operators of both reconnaissance and strike drones with significant combat experience of battles during the Kharkiv counteroffensive, in the area of the forests of Kreminnaya, Bakhmut, battles around Vugledar, Orikhov, Staromayorskyi. As a UBPAK company, we perform tasks in the East and South, namely where the defense is held by separate rifle battalions of the 112th Brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces. We identify enemy positions, clusters, headquarters, tank depots, and armored vehicles, direct both small and large guns, and strike independently with shock and kamikaze drones.

In order to deliver high-tech equipment and personnel to hard-to-reach places and over terrain with difficult terrain, we need a large and powerful American-made pickup truck.

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