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Board Business Community Donates Two HeroCars for the Military Frontline

Publication date: 29.09.2023

On 25 September, the cars were handed over in Kyiv to the military frontline. Powerful Ford vehicles are characterised by high mobility and speed, which makes them effective for the frontline use.

“Providing our soldiers with military equipment is a priority for every Ukrainian business. We have launched a fundraising campaign for two vehicles on the only national platform, HeroCar, which officially supplies vehicles to military units. HeroCar will further provide diagnostics and after-sales vehicles service,”

- comments Andrii Dlihach, international business community Board founder.  

“It is crucial when business joins the initiative and we strengthen our capabilities to meet the needs of the military in vehicles even faster and more efficiently. The four-wheel drive large pickup trucks raised by the Board have already been handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and will soon be sent to the frontline to help the guys liberate our territories,”

reports Artem Skrypka, HeroCar Infrastructure Head.

“We are very grateful for each vehicle. Vehicles are always needed at the frontline, as they can serve equally well for a week or a day. The longest a vehicle has lived is six months, however this happens hardly ever. Vehicles are needed for various tasks: to carry ammunition, to save lives, to help evacuate the wounded and quickly get out of hot spots. Unfortunately, the vehicles often break down or are lost on missions, therefore the need for them is always relevant. I urge everyone to join the HeroCar fundraising, since every donation and repost plays a crucial role in supporting the frontline military,”

says a soldier who received the car.


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