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Another 14 Ford pickups were handed over for the military to the front

Publication date: 18.07.2023

The HEROCAR project, which is implemented by the Ruslan Shostak Charitable Fund — RUSH Foundation, transferred powerful Ford pickups to the front line. Six pickups were given to the presidential regiment, the rest to the National Guard and the headquarters of the ground forces.

From the beginning of the full-scale invasion, fighters of the Separate Presidential Brigade named after B. Khmelnytskyi was defended by Kyiv, then fought in Kharkiv Oblast, and now they are beating the occupiers in Donbas. Thanks to the donations of caring Ukrainians, the HEROCAR team was able to purchase six pickup trucks that will go to the boys at the front.

One Ford F350 pick-up was sent to the Special Detachment of the National Guard of Ukraine.

The rest of the vehicles have been sent to the headquarters of the ground forces, where the pickups will be distributed among various units for combat missions.

“We support the counteroffensive and provide our guys on the front lines with reliable and powerful vehicles that play a critical role in keeping our troops safe and mobile. In the conditions of active hostilities, the vehicles allow soldiers to quickly react to threats, move in difficult terrain and be prompt in the performance of tasks. The powerful engine and high cross-country ability of pickups allow you to overcome obstacles even in hard-to-reach places. In addition, every pickup truck sent to the front carries with it the loyalty and support of the entire Ukrainian people."

— comments Oleksandr Pugach, head of the HEROCAR project.

"These pickups will provide mobility, passability in hard-to-reach places and transportation of special cargo. We really need such machines. The enemy is very actively shelling our territory. He understands that we are on a counteroffensive, so he makes it difficult for us to deliver equipment and reserves. We work at almost zero, so the equipment very quickly breaks down or is destroyed by enemy artillery fire."

- shares Kyrylo Bondarenko, company commander of the HEROCAR, which provides the Armed Forces with powerful four-wheel drive pickups. The project has already purchased more than 270 pickup trucks needed by Ukrainian soldiers at the front, worth more than UAH 100 million, and built an entire infrastructure for the timely delivery and maintenance of vehicles.



Rush Foundation (http://rush.org.ua/) was founded by Ukrainian businessman Ruslan Shostak as a continuation of his Global Initiative created to solve the problem of orphanhood in Ukraine. The foundation popularizes adoption, transforms the system and creates comfortable conditions for a child's life in a family. Rush Foundation strives to become a reliable partner for the Ukrainian authorities, public organizations, businesses united by the common goal of giving a family to every child. The Foundation conducted the largest evacuation of orphaned children from Ukraine to Turkey since World War II. And after implementing this project and observing the problems and needs of children for a year, the idea of the Foundation was formed. Having organized comfort for children in Turkey, create this comfort for orphans in Ukraine. But first of all, help to find a caring family.

Fund projects:

Childhood without war. More than 2,700 orphans and their guardians and educators were evacuated from Ukraine to Turkey, where accommodation, education, medical insurance and leisure were organized. About 1,000 people are currently under the shelter of the project.

ГеройСар is the only national platform for providing the Armed Forces with wheeled transport. In agreement with the command of the Armed Forces, HeroiSar supplies Ford F250 and Ford F350 four-wheel drive pickups for the needs of the front.



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