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Add horsepower to the Armed Forces

Add horsepower to the Armed Forces

Horsepower for Ukrainian Heroes!
Horsepower for Ukrainian Heroes!

The HEROCAR project launched a new collection of 1,000 cars for the front. Funds will be collected with the help of Opishnya patterns.
Stickers-charms in the shape of horses decorated with authentic Opishnya painting were created for the project. Opishnya painting and ceramics are an intangible cultural heritage of Ukraine. And a horse in the Ukrainian tradition is both a toy for a child and a reliable friend of a Cossack warrior.

The HEROCAR team has a special attitude towards horses. After all, the power of cars is measured precisely in horsepower. HEROCAR - provides the Ukrainian army with very powerful cars, under the hood of which dozens and hundreds of horsepower are hidden.
Everyone can add strength and power to Ukrainian heroes by purchasing a horse sticker with Opishnya painting in "EVA" chain stores.
The funds collected from the sale of these small talismans will be turned into large "war horses" by the HEROCAR project.

The goal is to purchase 1,000 pickups for the Armed Forces.
Harness the horses, boys!

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