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Why is a car at the front no less important than a weapon?

Publication date: 15.11.2022

Ukrainian soldiers need different cars: minivans, four-wheel drive SUVs, crossovers. Sometimes the fighters ask volunteers to bring them small utility vehicles for reconnaissance, in order to remain invisible in the forest belt or tall grass. But pickup trucks, which can transport soldiers, equipment, and ammunition, became the undisputed leader among front-line vehicles.

On the used car market in Europe, such cars have become a real shortage. Everything was bought for the needs of the Armed Forces. That is why HEROCAR transports cars for the front from overseas. These are American Ford F-series pickup trucks.

The choice of cars begins with meticulous examination, because at the front, the beauty of the body is not so important as the serviceability of the engine, the reliability of the chassis and the power of the chassis. Selected cars sail to European ports by sea, and from there they are delivered to Ukraine by land.

Before a HEROCAR car goes to the front line, it is carefully prepared, checked, repaired, and everything that can break is replaced. They pour in fresh oil and put on new tires.

Another stage of transformation of an ordinary pickup truck into an army car is camouflage. No, not repainting, but camouflage. Ukrainian craftsmen take into account the area where the car will be used, the color of the vegetation and the season. The car should have only those colors that are found in nature.

Pickup trucks are adapted to the needs of a specific unit, often armored, and special equipment for transporting weapons and ammunition is installed in the body. Since the russia began to attack Ukraine with "Shaheds", army pickups have also been converted into anti-aircraft guns. 

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