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Support HEROCAR at the Kyiv Botanical Garden

Publication date: 23.05.2023

A front car and a blooming lilac are the new selfie trends of May 2023

And seriously, the HEROCAR zone has appeared at the Hryshka Botanic Garden. We parked a pickup truck on the central alley, which will soon go to the front.

There is a collection for 25 pickups for the "Azov" regiment.

Collection is urgent!

For a counterattack!

The people of Azov rush into battle to liberate their native land! They need cars immediately!

At the site in the Kyiv Botanical Garden, you can donate both in cash by dropping the money in the box, and online - on the single national platform HEROCAR. To do this, it is enough to scan the QR code on the information banner. Volunteers are on duty nearby, explaining how to throw a donation, talking about front-line cars and helping to take a photo as a souvenir. And, even, they will fit in the back of a heroic pickup truck!

There is a children's area at the HEROCAR site. We have a special request for babies, teenagers and teenagers - draw and write to our heroes! This will give them strength. We have prepared paper, pens, felt-tip pens.

m. Kyiv
Tymiryazevska Street, 1
National Botanical Garden named after Hryshka
The HEROCAR site on the central avenue


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