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From small to large

From small to large

1000 cars for Victory!

The HEROCAR charity project started selling toy cars to raise funds for SUVs for the front.

The toy pickups are copies of cars that the HEROCAR team has been supplying to the defenders of Ukraine for over a year. Attack aircraft and scouts, hunters for "Shaheds" and pilots of combat drones go on combat missions on HEROCAR machines. These powerful cars transport equipment and ammunition and evacuate the wounded.

From now on, anyone who wants to will be able to buy their own little HEROCAR and at the same time donate to a car for the Armed Forces. These small cars can become a toy for a child and a great souvenir for an adult, a gift for a friend or a new exhibit in a collector's collection. You can find HEROCAR pickups in EVA and VARUS chain stores. Such a machine is worth 199 hryvnias and all the profit from the sale will go to the purchase of pickups for the front lines!

Together to Victory!

How It Works?
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Come to
EVA or VARUS shops

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Find the machine
buy it for
199 hryvnias

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The cost of the toy
goes shopping real
pickup truck for
the Armed Forces

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We thank you
for your big
contribution to
Victory of Ukraine!

But that's not all!

You have the opportunity to participate in the draw
and win a car with a signature
Head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Budanov K.O. and Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine V.F. Zaluzhnyi


Read more about the raffle conditions in the rules

But that's not all!