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"From small to big": "Podorozhnyk" pharmacy chain joined the HeroCar project charity initiative

Publication date: 01.05.2024

The charity initiative "From Small to Big" is gaining momentum and reaching a new level of partnership to provide the Armed Forces with as many off-road vehicles as possible for combat missions. In addition to the EVA store line and the VARUS supermarket chain, "Podorozhnyk", Ukraine's largest pharmacy chain, also joined its implementation.

Anyone can support the "From Small to Big" initiative by purchasing a special toy car at "Podorozhnyk" pharmacies - a copy of real pickup trucks, of which more than 300 have already been sent to the front by the HEROCAR team. The profit from the sale of these charity cars will go towards the purchase of all-wheel drive SsangYong SUVs for the defenders of Ukraine.

"We are proud to be able to join such an important cause. Every HEROCAR purchased is a contribution to our common safety and future. We believe that by working together we can do a great job helping our defenders during this difficult time",

– said Taras Kolyada, CEO of the "Podorozhnyk" pharmacy chain.

"We are sincerely grateful to our new partner for participating in this charitable initiative and have high hopes for him. The need for cars at the front is growing, and we hope that, together with "Podorozhnyk" pharmacies, we will be able to raise even more funds for the purchase of powerful pickup trucks for the armed forces",

– commented Yevgenia But, director of the Ruslan Shostak Charitable Foundation and the HEROCAR project.

The global goal of the HEROCAR charity project, agreed by the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, is to deliver 1,000 cars to the defenders of Ukraine this year. Which divisions will receive the necessary cars - you can find out from the active meetings that continue on this platform.

So, when you visit the "Podorozhnyk" pharmacy for high-quality and affordable medicines, don't forget to buy a little hero! Let our defenders get the necessary transport as soon as possible, so that they can even more intensively drive and knock out the enemy from Ukrainian land!

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