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"Iron Dome" in Ukrainian

Publication date: 16.05.2023

On the night of May 16, the russians launched missiles at Ukraine, which until recently were considered impossible to shoot down. But the soldiers of the Ukrainian air defense had a different opinion. Bright crimson balls rolled across the sky over Kyiv, explosions shook the air. The attack turned out to be extremely dense: 18 missiles of various types of air, sea and ground bases attacked Ukraine from the northern, southern and eastern directions. The russians fired six Kh-47M2 Kinzhal aeroballistic missiles from six fighters. russian warships launched 9 Kalibr cruise missiles in the Black Sea. The occupiers also used three land-based missiles. The attack turned out to be very loud, and its outcome shocked military experts all over the world. Ukrainian air defense shot down 18 Russian missiles and another 9 drones.

In order for Patriot and NASAMS not to be distracted from Calibers and Daggers, Ukrainian "drone hunters" watch for enemy drones with machine guns during air alerts. Because it's really a pity to have a decent rocket on an Iranian ironclad with a motor. Therefore, the team of the HEROCAR project is collecting pickups for mobile air defense fire groups and sincerely thanks everyone who donates for these cars. Yes, we cannot buy a couple more Patriot batteries, but we are able to assemble several dozen pickups for drone hunters that will protect Khmelnytskyi, Ternopil and Lviv and other cities of Ukraine.

A new meme "Iron Dome of Zaluzhny" was born in social networks. Each of us can contribute to its impenetrable power. The best sedative and the most effective hypnotic - donate to the Guardians of the Sky on the HEROCAR platform!


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