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Cars for Armed Forces
Gathering for "Destroyer"

The assault company is waiting for our help!


10250 $
6832 $67%
remains 88 days
Gathering for "Ghost"

Donetsk, artillery reconnaissance fighters need a car

9735 $
969 $10%
remains 88 days
Gathering for "Monster"

The car is necessary for those who are currently in hell near Bakhmut

9735 $
14 $0%
remains 84 days left


Unified National Platform for providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine


with wheeled transport

The platform allows:

  • apply
  • verify the application in the military unit
  • organize a fundraiser
  • track the purchase, delivery and transfer of the car

The HEROCAR team made fundraising as transparent and efficient as possible. Thanks to the online donation platform, soldiers themselves and commanders, volunteers, relatives, friends or colleagues of soldiers can place a request for fundraising for a car for a specific unit. Each application has its own page on the project website, where the collected amount is displayed. When the required amount is collected, the project takes responsibility for the preparation and transfer of the machine to the military unit.

Guardians of the sky

The first initiative of HEROCAR was the GUARDIANS OF THE SKY program. Our goal is to provide vehicles for the mobile fire groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which protect the Ukrainian skies during air attacks.
This requires 120 cars.

Practice has shown that Ukrainian soldiers manage to "land" at least 80% of Iranian "Shaheeds" that are launched by the Russian occupiers.
It is important to do this while approaching critical infrastructure facilities and residential areas.

That is why the Armed Forces are now actively creating mobile anti-aircraft fire groups that are supposed to patrol during air attacks and protect the skies of Ukraine.

We are purchasing powerful F250 and F350 pickup trucks, which are being converted into an air defense unit. The bodies of pickup trucks are so spacious and roomy that you can place Stingers, Javelins and Stugnas, or attach a machine gun, anti-aircraft or missile launcher, which will protect Ukrainians and the objects of critical infrastructure of Ukraine.

Everyone can participate in the protection of the Ukrainian sky!
Follow the collection, purchase, preparation of cars and the transfer of military equipment in the news of the site or in our social networks.

Our Heroes need Hero cars!
Join now and make your mark in history!
Together, we can protect our skies and make racist attacks powerless.

Let's bring the Victory of Ukraine closer!
We will not give enemy drones a chance! Let's help together!

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