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HEROCAR will defend Kyiv

Publication date: 16.01.2023

The HEROCAR project is preparing a new batch of cars for transfer to the Armed Forces. It is intended for mobile fire groups that protect Kyiv from air attacks.

After the massive New Year raids in the capital, there is relative calm. Kyivans even managed to taste the Christmas kutya (traditional Chrismas meal) not in a bomb shelter or at a metro station, but in their own apartments. And with light!!! However, the military advises not to relax too much. The threat has not disappeared. What we, unfortunately, saw in  Dnipro last week.

"The goals of future attacks are being determined" - explained the reason for the pause, spokeswoman for the Southern Defense Forces Nataliya Humenyuk. According to her, the occupiers have been actively using reconnaissance drones in recent days. With weapons, the russians have become more difficult and they have to analyze more carefully where to hit. But the rashists did not give up new air attacks.

"The enemy is deliberately destroying civilian infrastructure and trying to plunge us into darkness and paralyze life. When the russians started hitting Ukrainian power plants in the fall, we asked ourselves how to stop it? What is in our power? And then the GUARDIANS OF THE SKY initiative appeared" - says Ukrainian businessman Ruslan Shostak. It is under the auspices of the Ruslan Shostak Charitable Foundation that the HEROCAR project and the GUARDIANS OF THE SKY initiative are implemented.

The first batch of pickups from HEROCAR has already started patrolling the northern borders of Ukraine. The next batch for the mobile fire groups of the Air Defense Forces of the Kyiv region will be handed over in January.


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