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HEROCAR stands up to protect the sky of Ukraine!

Publication date: 16.12.2022
HEROCAR stands up to protect the sky of Ukraine! - Фотографія 1
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Our soldiers conducted a test drive of pickup trucks, which the HEROCAR project handed over to the newly created units of mobile fire groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. These units are part of the Air Defense Forces and protect the skies during russian air attacks. Pickup bodies were equipped with weapons capable of effectively shooting down enemy drones.

The Command of the United Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine checked the readiness of powerful off-road vehicles modified for the crews of mobile fire groups and conducted an inspection of how the military will protect strategic infrastructure facilities. Our Heroes demonstrated the technical capabilities of equipped pickup trucks, their maneuverability and readiness to defend Ukraine from air attacks.

To help the Armed Forces of Ukraine perform these important tasks, HEROCAR provided 4 pickup trucks that defended the northern border of Ukraine. The cars were provided as part of a special program of the project called "GUARDIANS OF THE SKY". 120 cars are needed to implement the program.

TV channel journalists were present at the inspection and asked questions to the responsible persons.

Oleksandr Pugach, head of the HEROCAR project: "These 4 vehicles will protect the border in the north of Ukraine. We are currently preparing the next transfer of the batch of cars, which will take place next week. In general, the "GUARDS OF THE SKY" program plans to transfer 120 vehicles to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to create mobile fire groups that will protect the skies of Ukraine from "Shahed" and low-flying cruise missiles. Currently, the cars were purchased thanks to the support of large and medium Ukrainian businesses. We hope that every Ukrainian will join the HEROCAR collection, because the GUARDIANS OF THE SKY program is only the beginning of the project, which aims to deliver 1,000 cars to the Armed Forces by the end of summer 2023."

Taras, commander of the air defense unit: "The north and west of the country are swampy and forested, such cars will be able to move on country roads and it will be a big plus for us to work on such cars. This is a great help from volunteers and the Ukrainian people."

Borys Kutovy, officer of the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: "Glory to Ukraine! We are doing a very important thing today, which shows the support of Ukrainians for the Armed Forces. This project demonstrates the unity of every Ukrainian, the unity of the people of Ukraine and the armed forces in the struggle for victory against an insidious enemy. With the help of these cars, the soldiers will destroy air targets,will destroy "Shakheds" with which the russian federation attacks civilians."

The beginning is set! HEROCAR stand up for the protection of the Ukrainian sky Join in!

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