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HEROCAR handed over 5 more pickups for GUARDIANS OF THE SKY

Publication date: 10.05.2023

The HEROCAR project, which provides the Armed Forces with powerful and reliable pickups, handed over 5 cars intended for "drone hunters" to the Armed Forces.

5 cars, which were handed over to GUARDIANS OF THE SKY at the beginning of May, were prepared for service by car repairers in the Lviv region. Specialists meticulously checked the technical condition of the cars, replaced all questionable parts and components, filled in new oils and technical fluids, put on new rubber for off-road use.

Cars from HEROCAR are all-wheel drive Ford F250 and Ford F350 SUVs. These are giant pickup trucks that are used in civilian life as small trucks, workshops on wheels, or even snow plows. In frontline conditions, the Ford F250 and Ford F350 are transformed into powerful cars for combat missions. For the needs of mobile fire groups, pickups are equipped with radars, searchlights and large-caliber machine guns, which allows you to shoot down enemy attack drones and other air targets moving at low altitude.

The goal of the GUARDIANS OF THE SKY program is 120 pickups for mobile air defense fire groups! The first 34 cars are already in service with the Armed Forces. But more is needed!

The team of the HEROCAR project calls on everyone who cares to join the car collection for the GUARDIANS OF THE SKY!

Air defense mobile fire groups have shown their effectiveness in the fight against enemy drones. They have to patrol in a remote area, drive off-road. Therefore, the powerful all-wheel drive pickups provided by the HEROCAR project of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are exactly what is needed to perform combat missions.

The HEROCAR team has an established mechanism and proven logistics, quickly delivers cars from abroad and adapts them to the needs of military units. However, this requires significant funds. The collection takes place on the single national platform HEROCAR. Donating there is convenient and fast. Donations are unlimited. The HEROYCAR team calls on businessmen and entrepreneurs to join the collection for the GUARDIANS OF THE SKY program. Air defense means security, peace of mind and confidence. It is these factors that create the necessary conditions for both business operations and the organization of everyday life and the life of civilians.

Cars for GUARDIANS OF THE SKY - your contribution to the protection of Ukraine!

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