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HEROCAR handed over 10 powerful pickups to the Armed Forces

Publication date: 03.04.2023

On April 1, the HEROCAR project handed over 10 Ford F250 and F350 pickups worth almost 105,000 thousand dollars, to the Armed Forces, as part of the Guardians of the Sky program. These are very powerful frame machines with 6-liter diesel engines. Any MANPADS or machine gun can be installed on such pickups. The carrying capacity of these models is from 1.5 to 2.5 tons. This is the third time the HEROCAR project has provided SUVs for the Armed Forces. In total, 29 vehicles have already been handed over as part of the air border protection program of Ukraine. They are currently protecting the sky over the capital and central Ukraine.

Mobile air defense fire groups manage to destroy 80% of kamikaze drones, as well as shoot down cruise missiles and other low-flying air targets. These units of the Armed Forces patrol in hard-to-reach areas in off-road conditions and require vehicles with high cross-country ability.

"We install machine gun installations and searchlights on SUVs. In the dark, in the beam of a searchlight, an apparatus moving at a speed of 180-200 km per hour can be caught, held and destroyed. Experience shows that it is effective. We are moving in the right direction."

- noted the Commander of the United Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Serhii Naev.

"Today everyone should work for victory. We understand how important powerful pickup trucks are for the Armed Forces. Especially now, in the spring, when all roads turn into a dead end. Thanks to these cars, fighters will be able to shoot down air targets or deliver ammunition to the front. The HEROCAR project implements two main directions - the protection of the air border within the framework of the "Guardians of the Sky" program and the protection of the land border on the front line by placing applications for the necessary cars from the military on our platform. As part of the HEROCAR project, we have created a single national platform where we collect applications for wheeled transport, verify them in the Armed Forces, purchase exactly those machines that are needed at the front, bring them to the necessary technical condition for work at the front, deliver them to the Armed Forces and carry out operational maintenance together with partners. We have arranged the supply of machines from the USA, Europe and Korea and can provide the Armed Forces with any type of transport, but right now there is a need for pickup trucks."

- emphasizes Oleksandr Pugach, Head of the HEROCAR project.

"The power of these cars is very large and they are enough for off-road. She is like a tank. Thanks to these cars, we will repel the enemy so that he does not return."

- says the fighter of the mobile fire group, who already works on HEROCAR cars.

Guardians of the Sky is a large-scale initiative implemented by the HEROCAR project together with the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The goal of the GUARDIANS OF THE SKY program is to transfer 120 cargo pickups to the Armed Forces. Collection continues, 91 left.

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