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The GUARDIANS OF THE SKY program is a large-scale HEROCAR initiative.
Its purpose is to provide mobile air defense fire groups with vehicles that protect Ukrainian skies during air attacks.
The creation of mobile fire groups as part of the Defense Forces of Ukraine began in the fall of 2022, when the Russians launched massive air attacks, simultaneously launching dozens of kamikaze drones. About 80% of enemy drones can be shot down with the help of large-caliber machine guns, which are mounted in the bodies of pickup trucks. Fighters have to chat on kamikaze drones in hard-to-reach places, drive on country roads, sand and swampy terrain.
The powerful and spacious Ford F250 and F350 pickup trucks are ideal for such tasks. The bodies of pickup trucks are so spacious and roomy that you can place Stingers, Javelins and Stugnas, or attach a machine gun, anti-aircraft or missile launcher, which will protect Ukrainians and the objects of critical infrastructure of Ukraine.

Collection for 120 off-road vehicles for GUARDS OF THE SKY is underway.
20 pickups from HEROCAR are already in service in the Kyiv region and other regions along the northern border of Ukraine.


In December 2022, the first 4 pickups and 3 buses from HEROCAR received mobile air defense fire groups that protect the northern border of Ukraine. The cars were put on guard in the Rivne region. Thus, the HEROCAR project started the implementation of the GUARDIANS OF THE SKY program, which provides for the provision of vehicles to air defense units, which are popularly called "drone hunters".

In order to check the technical capabilities of the cars, the command of the United Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine arranged training in off-road conditions. The crews of mobile air defense fire groups made sure that HEROCAR pickups are fully ready for service, powerful six-liter engines allow patrolling in hard-to-reach places, transporting the necessary weapons and ammunition. The northern border is one of the routes along which russian kamikaze drones attack Ukraine. There are many critical infrastructure facilities in the region. Knowing the treachery of the russians, the Defense Forces of Ukraine pay special attention to the protection of the Rivne NPP.

15 pickup trucks for the protection of Kyiv from air attacks were handed over by  HEROCAR project in January.
The main task of the mobile anti-aircraft fire groups is to neutralize the russian drones on the approach to the infrastructure facilities. Therefore, in order to protect the capital, it is necessary to patrol tens of kilometers from Kyiv. The flight paths of killer drones are far from paved roads. That is why "Drone Hunters" lie in wait for enemy drones in hard-to-reach areas, sometimes where there are no roads at all. During the transfer of HEROCAR cars, the fighters of mobile fire groups tested the powerful Ford F-250 and Ford F-350 pickups and made sure that the vehicles are perfectly suited for combat tasks, have a reserve of power and high cross-country ability. They also demonstrated a weapon capable of shooting down drones. One of the crew is hunting drones, the newest weapon of the 21st century, with a trophy German machine gun from World War II. Implementation of the GUARDIANS OF THE SKY program continues.
The HEROCAR project is preparing the next batch of pickups for the Armed Forces.

They easily overcome off-road terrain, carry two tons of cargo and please with reliability - this is how Ukrainian soldiers respond to the vehicles from the HEROCAR project, which they received as part of the GUARDIANS OF THE SKY program.

"We have a machine gun, MANPADS, searchlight, laser pointer on the car. It is necessary to grab an object with a laser and target it," - a fighter of the mobile fire group of the anti-aircraft defense "Joker".

"In the dark, in the beam of a searchlight, an apparatus moving at a speed of 180-200 km per hour can be caught, held and destroyed. Experience shows that it is effective. We are moving in the right direction" - Commander of the United Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Serhiy Naev.

"Two tons of luck at a run! This machine has an engine volume of 7.3 liters, four-wheel drive, which makes it extremely powerful and suitable for any tasks that are set before us" - a fighter of the mobile fire group of the Dmytro Air Defense Forces.

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