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News for the month of september

Board Business Community Donates Two HeroCars for the Military Frontline

The funds for these cars were raised on the HeroCar platform, which will provide further maintenance


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"HeroCar" in collaboration with the EVA national retail chain handed over 3 powerful pickups to the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces

Results of the joint long-term promotion "From small to large" for January - March

Vodafone Retail and the HeroCar charity project signed a memorandum of cooperation

At the RAU Expo 2024 retail forum, a memorandum on strategic cooperation of the "HeroCar" project was signed with a new important participant "Vodafone Retail"

HEROCAR united five retail chains in the joint project "From small to large" to provide pickups to the Armed Forces

Yevgenia But, CEO of the Ruslan Shostak Charity Foundation, spoke about this and other projects at the RAU Expo forum of the Association of Retailers of Ukraine, which was attended by more than 1,500 visitors.

The HeroCar project receives an award from the 128th Territorial Defense Forces brigade

Yevgenia But, CEO of the "Ruslan Shostak Charitable Fundation", awarded "For services to the Territorial Defense Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces"

"From small to big": "Podorozhnyk" pharmacy chain joined the HeroCar project charity initiative
The HeroCar project handed over to the Armed Forces a unique tool of the NATO model
Drones are not the only ones: the military at the front are also in dire need of cars

In the story of the ICTV TV channel, the experts of "HeroCar" told how the charity project continues to supply pickup trucks to the front lines in today's realities and explained how important it is now to donate for their purchase

Thanks to the campaign "From small to large", funds were collected for two real pickup trucks

HeroCar launched miniature replicas of military pickups for sale and has already raised funds for two large pickups within the "From Small to Large" campaign

"Horsepower" for the Armed Forces: the new HeroCar initiative will provide powerful cars to our military

On November 30, within the project of the HEROCAR, the goal of which is to purchase 1,000 off-road vehicles for the Armed Forces, the "Horsepower" initiative was launched

Board Business Community Donates Two HeroCars for the Military Frontline

The funds for these cars were raised on the HeroCar platform, which will provide further maintenance


HEROCAR handed over 23 more pickups for 11 units of the Armed Forces

HeroCar received a request from the ground forces for the supply of 1,000 cars. It is necessary to collect 6.5 million dollars for 1,000 cars for the front line.

Another 14 Ford pickups were handed over for the military to the front

Six pickups were given to the presidential regiment, the rest to the National Guard and the ground forces headquarters

"Combat molfars" and special cargo for HEROCAR

The well-known blogger and volunteer Serhiy Marchenko became the ambassador of the HEROCAR project

The Armed Forces of Ukraine received 10 more pickup trucks!

HEROCAR, together with the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration, handed over 10 more pickups to the 5th Assault Brigade for the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces

"Latifundist" against russian tanks

He managed the elevator, and now he commands special forces. HEROCAR collects on a pickup for a special purpose company headed by the former commercial director of the Bila Tserkva elevator OLAM International Kyrylo Bondarenko.

SsangYong Actyon Sports is a newcomer to HEROCAR team

HEROCAR adds SsangYong Actyon Sports to the list of cars supplied to the Armed Forces

Support HEROCAR at the Kyiv Botanical Garden

Collection of 25 cars for the 3rd Separate Assault Brigade

"Iron Dome" in Ukrainian

Ukrainian air defense destroyed 6 "Daggers", three ballistic missiles, 9 "Calibers" and 9 drones of the occupiers overnight

HEROCAR handed over 5 more pickups for GUARDIANS OF THE SKY

Another 5 powerful pickups have come to protect the skies of Ukraine

10 pickup trucks for COUNTEROFFENSIVE were handed over to the 66th separate brigade

Ruslan Shostak - a businessman, co-owner of the EVA and Varus retail chains, helped to purchase the first 10 cars out of 40, which are needed by the military immediately

HEROCAR together with "Women of Steel" handed over the car to the defenders of Bakhmut - the "Cold Ravine" brigade

Thanks to the active promotion of the representatives of the organization "Women of Steel", the application from the 93rd mechanized brigade "Cold Ravine" collected donations, with which a pickup truck was purchased for the defenders of Bakhmut within the framework of the Unified National HEROCAR platform

HEROCAR handed over 10 powerful pickups to the Armed Forces

HEROCAR, the Unified National Platform for fundraising for cars for the Armed Forces handed over 10 more pickups for the "Guardians of the Sky"


Akhtem Seitablaev together with HEROCAR calls you to join the collection for pickup trucks for the Armed Forces - for the heroes who are currently in Donetsk region and defend the borders of Ukraine!

How do cars protect the sky?

Our heroes, who already actively use pickup trucks in battle, share their impressions and prove that a car at the front is one of the most necessary things.

Akhtem Seitablaev is the ambassador of HEROCAR

Akhtem Seitablaev became the ambassador of the HEROCAR project, the Unified National Platform that provides the Armed Forces with vehicles.

What cars does the Ukrainian army need?

How many and what kind of cars does the Armed Forces of Ukraine need today? Why exactly such criteria for the selection of cars for the Armed Forces?

Classes in tactical medicine at the HEROCAR locations in Kyiv

Invite everyone who wishes to attend free master classes by "Azov" soldiers on tactical medicine

The national platform for providing cars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The national platform for providing the Armed Forces with cars has become operational

HEROCAR will defend Kyiv

We are preparing a new batch of pickup trucks for transfer to the Armed Forces. Soon these cars will protect Kyiv and its critical infrastructure facilities.

The first HEROCARS are being prepared for combat missions
The first HEROCARS are being prepared for combat missions

We are finalizing the preparation of the HEROCARS for the first transfer to the front!

HEROCAR stands up to protect the sky of Ukraine!

The first equipped cars passed a test drive and began to protect the northern border of Ukraine.

Advantages ford f250 at the front
Advantages ford f250 at the front

1,500,000 km without overhaul. Which car set a reliability record?

Why is a car at the front no less important than a weapon?

Pickup is the most scarce car in Ukraine.
In the Ukrainian car market, the demand for pickups has many times exceeded the supply. All because they are bought for the front.

HEROCAR protects against drones "Shahed"

HEROCAR sets out to defend the Ukrainian sky.

The first batch of cars that HEROCAR handed over for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will go to "drone hunters".

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