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Advantages ford f250 at the front

Publication date: 15.11.2022
Advantages ford f250 at the front


In the USA, a case was recorded when a pickup truck drove almost one and a half million kilometers in 6 years and never broke down. Ford F250 was the standard of reliability. The HEROCAR project supplies our heroes to the front with just such cars.

The Drive website reported on the Ford F250 with a record mileage of 1,445,700 km. The site does not say who the owner of the super-reliable car works, but the owner used his F250 to the full - he drove 240,000 km in a year. Moreover, the routes ran through 8 states. The pickup record holder visited Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Indiana, Nebraska and Oregon. And all this without serious breakdowns. If the service book is to be believed, the car was regularly serviced. F-250 visited the service station 71 times in 6 years. But maintenance was limited to replacing lubricants, filters and wear parts. The experts who recorded the record mileage were also impressed by the perfect condition of the car's interior. The only detail that gave a solid mileage was a worn steering wheel.

For the past 40 years, Ford F-series pickups have remained the most popular cars in the United States. The F250 is one of the two models of cargo pickups that the HEROCAR project transfers for the needs of the Armed Forces. Of course, no one expects that on the front roads of Ukraine, cars will demonstrate the same record mileage as on American highways, but the reliability of cars is critically important on the front line. Another advantage of the Ford F250 is that the engine is not only powerful, but also undemanding to gasoline. The only thing is that it requires high-quality engine oil. Importantly! Do not pour oil intended for KAMAZ or other trucks into the Ford F250 engine. Low-quality oil can make the engine fail, not immediately, of course, but such an engine will not last for a long time. The Ford F250 is also revered for its large carrying capacity (from 1100 kg). However, up to three tons were loaded into these wheelbarrows at the front. They hold on, they press closer to the ground, but they go!

The main problem with American cars in the Ukrainian army is spare parts. If you order them from overseas, you will have to wait for weeks. Therefore, HEROCAR provides spare parts for machines that it transfers for the needs of the Armed Forces.

Ford pickup trucks are among the top 5 most popular front cars!

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