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10 pickup trucks for COUNTEROFFENSIVE were handed over to the 66th separate brigade

Publication date: 04.05.2023

The request for a car for a counteroffensive is urgent. Ruslan Shostak, a businessman and co-owner of the EVA and Varus retail chains, helped to purchase the first 10 cars out of 40 that the military needed immediately.

The 10 pickup trucks donated by Ruslan Shostak to the defenders of Ukraine are intended for the fire support groups of the assault units that will liberate the lands of Ukraine captured by the Russian invaders. Mortars and other weapons were installed in the cargo compartments of these vehicles.

The HEROCAR project received an urgent request from the command of the Armed Forces for 40 cars for a counteroffensive.

"The cars are needed by groups of mortars that will support the infantry units that will attack the positions of the occupiers with fire. Mobility is extremely important for fire support groups. Therefore, powerful and capacious pickups from HEROCAR are a good platform for installing mortars and other weapons. The mobility and accuracy of mortars depend on the lives of infantrymen and the effectiveness of offensive actions."

- said Oleksandr Pugach, head of the HEROCAR project.

The project team has the technical capabilities to quickly deliver the cars needed for the Armed Forces from abroad and to prepare the machines for the needs of the front and provide maintenance. Funds are needed to implement the request for 30 more pickups for the counteroffensive. The HEROCAR project calls on entrepreneurs and businessmen and citizens to join this cause.

Collection is ongoing. Donate here: https://carforhero.com/uk/donate

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